Soothing Hibiscus Enzyme Peel
4.2oz jar pro soothinghibiscus 380x440 product full



Benefit: Hydrate & Protect

Skin Type: Normal – Dry – Combination

Skin Condition: Dehydration – Aging – Sensitive – Congestion


A smoothing and hydrating treatment to rebalance dry or sensitized skin. Featuring anti-inflammatory power pair Chamomile Oil and Arnica, with Bentonite Clay and Hibiscus Flower to help clarify, tighten and hydrate the skin.



Arnica Flower Extract

  • Native to Europe, this extract contains Helenalin, the most active sesquiterpene lactone (chemical compound), which helps account for its ability to counteract inflammation.
  • In vitro studies demonstrate in vitro antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities1 as well as soothing properties on the skin.

Hibiscus Flower

  • Contains antioxidant Alpha Hydroxy Acids known to help clarify, firm and hydrate the skin.
  • Helps improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin.
  • Stimulates healthy circulation.

Chamomile Flower Oil

  • Soothing herb for dry or sensitized skin that inhibits the production of free radicals, where oxidative stress has occurred.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help improve healing of damaged skin.
  • Improves the appearance of dehydrated or damaged skin by reducing dry flaking and restoring suppleness to the skin.

Combine a nickel size amount of powder with an equal amount of warm water. Using a spatula, blend well. Do not use a brush to mix. Consistency should be a medium thickness. Begin application at the forehead, moving to outer periphery of the face, then working inward toward the nose and cheeks. Leave peel on for 3-6 minutes, adjust according to skin type. Do not allow to dry. Rinse thoroughly using moistened pads or a hot towel.


For more information about our ingredients, please visit our Ingredient Glossary.

1. Schulz et al., 1998