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A Strategy with Proven Results:

Up to a +55% increase in sales when products are optimally merchandised
Immediate +10% increase in sales with adequate inventory levels
Download our Merchandising Planograms:


Engage your clients and drive retail revenue with our simple strategy:

1. The right products - your top sellers

2. In the right place

o     Eye Level is BUY Level
o     Left to Right (that’s how most people read)
o     Clearly display in high traffic areas
o     Add print collateral (brochures and signage) as appropriate

3. In the right Amount

o     4-6 units deep per product
o     9 units deep for top sellers
o     12+ units for events or high seasonality

Interested in More Helpful Tips?

  • Arrange products in groups by key benefit. It’s easy with our new color-coded packaging.
  • In each benefit category, place products in order of use - from left to right.
  • Featured products and best sellers should be placed at eye level.

What about Brochures, Promotional Materials & Glorifiers?

  • Naturopathica provides FREE Promotional Materials.
  • Skin Care Guide Cards help your clients find solutions. Make them accessible!
  • Our beautiful Product Glorifier attracts attention. Use it to launch the Energize & Firm Collection.
  • Estheticians love our Well-Being Ritual Cards to support their client recommendations. Clients love the added touch of an at-home ritual. Stock up!
  • Clients love brand buzz. Place our Recent Press Page where clients will readily see that Naturopathica is a well-lauded brand by industry experts!