Our Founder & CEO

“I want to define well-being as a realistic approach to living a healthy, balanced, vibrant life. That’s why I’ve dedicated the last twenty years to providing the inspiration, tools and education for achieving well-being.” – Barbara Close

Barbara Close has been Founder and CEO since opening the Naturopathica East Hampton Healing Arts Center & Spa in 1995. She is a wellness innovator, author and educator. A lifelong practitioner of the healing arts, she holds a Master’s degree in Therapeutic Herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and has credentials in esthetics, advanced massage and aromatherapy. Barbara has been a pioneering product architect for more than 20 years, creating skin care, body care, herbal remedies and holistic health treatments that inspire individuals on their path to well-being.

Barbara is the author of three books, including two editions of Pure Skin: Holistic Beauty Basics (2018 and 2005) and Well Being (2000), and has been an expert resource for media outlets including The New York Times, Vogue, CNN, Financial Times, Well+Good and American Spa.

Pure Skin: Holistic Beauty Basics by Barbara Close
“From the beginning, my goal at Naturopathica has been to educate people about natural health and beauty in new and exciting, but accessible ways. I define beauty not as a pampering or indulgent experience, or a quest to achieve an artificial, idealized form of beauty, but as an expression of living an authentic, healthy, and vibrant life that celebrates one’s own unique beauty and spirit. This type of beauty is rooted in wellness, in achieving one’s full potential.

The problem with much of the culture of beauty today is that it relies on quick fixes like Botox and plastic surgery or the latest hyped-up miracle cream, and so remains indeed only skin deep. Feeling beautiful is no longer about ‘beauty secrets’—being confident in our own skin comes from making connections between our lifestyle and how we look and feel. This type of beauty is not about shoring up on the outside and looking for ‘hope in a jar.’ It is about being at home on the inside—a genuine organic beauty. This is the essence of holistic skin care, and the foundation of this book.”

Most importantly, Barbara makes health and wellness part of her everyday life, from growing herbal remedies in her backyard to testing treatments at her spas. Fueled by her passion for self-care, Barbara continues to travel the globe, discovering the virtues of traditional healing practices and adapting them to create innovative spa treatments. Barbara shares her wellness practices with the Naturopathica community in the form of choreographed treatments, thought leadership and Well-Being Rituals.

“Barbara Close has long been my go to expert when it comes to healthy, beautiful skin. She carefully guides you through what you need to know about ingredients that are effective, safe, sustainable and friendly to the planet, as well as lifestyle and dietary tips to keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous”