Our Healing Arts Centers & Spas

Our Healing Arts Centers & Spas provide exciting and empowering entry points for our clients to discover, explore and enhance personal well-being. They are also our centers for innovation and inspiration, where our founder and trusted healing arts practitioners develop and fine-tune our signature products and services.


Naturopathica East Hampton is home to our first Healing Arts Center & Spa. It is where individuals come to reconnect and recharge.


Naturopathica Chelsea empowers personal transformation and 21st Century Wellness. Inspired by traditional healing practices, Naturopathica Chelsea offers holistic experiences to inspire self-discovery and well-being.

21st Century Wellness
Discover our signature solutions for skin health, natural immunity, stress relief, muscle and joint health and women’s wellness.

Vitality Bar
Explore the healing benefits of herbal tonics, elixirs and teas, cold-pressed juices and kombucha on tap, as well as healthy snacks to improve and sustain vitality.

Remedy Bar
Discover our unique herbal dispensary featuring loose leaf teas from the finest estates in China, Japan, India, Nepal, Sumatra and Vietnam, as well as premium botanicals, herbal tinctures, essential oils and customized remedies for optimal well-being.

Customized Treatments
Experience the healing benefits of customized herbal massage and body treatments featuring our herbal infused oils, along with either Lobelia and Cramp Bark or Kava Root compresses. Or, experience the best of holistic skin care with facials featuring proven botanicals, clean cosmeceuticals and herbal remedies to promote healthy, radiant skin. 

Premier Well-being Specialists
Consult with our trusted healers, estheticians, massage therapists and mind-body experts who deliver highly effective natural health treatments.

Sensory and Meditation Lounge
Reconnect and re-boot with breathtaking nature-inspired cinematography to reduce stress and restore vitality.